Monday, 17 January 2011

Itinerary and dates...

Wednesday 2nd February – Depart Heathrow 
Thursday 3rd February – Arrive Tokyo, Japan

Monday 14h February – Depart Tokyo 
Tuesday 15th February – Arrive Perth, Australia 

Sunday 8th May – Depart Sydney, Australia 

Sunday 8th May – Arrive Auckland, New Zealand 

Thursday 11th August – Depart Auckland 
Thursday 11th August – Arrive Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tuesday 15th November – Depart Rio De Janerio, Brazil  (TO BE CONFIRMED/CHANGED!)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Nearly there

Well I'm not quite as organised, getting there though! Insurance is now purchased and getting my last few jabs done soon. Just need to pay for the camper van in Australia...

Getting organised...

Well, it is the 11th January and there are just 3 weeks to go before we leave the country. Insurance has been bought, injections painfully suffered, anti-malarials ordered and routes reworked and revised. The blog is up and running, so I can tell you all about our adventures as soon as we hit the road. Watch this space....